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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  March 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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juliet: i do not know. be careful heading into work today. not defective. i am sorry. could be a little bit slippery. some bonding going on. ben: donald trump was heavily rivaled. god a little. risk a. a little.
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in brooklyn. took about $370. officials say commuters should still have a lot of headaches as workers drop off the job. good morning, everybody. we are a little bit punchy here this morning. juliet: you attack me. try to get onto my twitter. right wings that were not the
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phone. let show you what is going on. winter weather advisories. it is not so significant for us. it is pressing up into northern new jersey. it starts backing up and down. you were not expecting much at all. a coating to an inch for most of us. we had seemed pretty warm temperatures recently. we are below freezing. no developing on contact, for the most part.
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northeast. that area of low pressure will down to our south. down near the carolinas and virgin you. it will be intensifying. here is what we get with the snow totals. mainly central and southern sections of new jersey. even more as you had further to the south. snow should come to a close after lunch time. cold with. and down between 20s and 30s. fiftys on monday. sixty on tuesday. a nice stretch. almost a heat wave.
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hit the beach. let's get to arnaz. >> let's talk about the street cleaning rules that are suspended. northern state parkway westbound by the meadowbrook. things are fine. new jersey turnpike, the entire stretch, both ways, 45-mile per hour speed restriction. the verrazano bridge. shutting that down for a little bit. a little icy on the bridge. all lanes are closed. let's go to our other cameras.
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lights. the brooklyn bridge, the williamsburg bridge, that is what you want to use. looking good this morning. gwb, upper level, there was construction. the lincoln and holland tunnel, you are doing okay. >> thank you very much, ines. they are all pretty much the center of attention. ben: trump grandmother would not have been the center of attention. fox5 robert moses. i was called these highlights. >> they are not highlights.
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the bickering and name-calling rose to a level i had not seen >> hello. how are you doing. you are looking well. >> as argue. famously clashing in august. if only trump's interactions with the other candidates were so amicable. mitt romney who bludgeoned him earlier in the day. >> donald trump is a holy. trump then turned his attention to the attacks coming from the
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boasting of his sexual prowess. >> i guarantee you that there is no problem. swatting away one attack to only have another one off of. >> electing hillary clinton as president. it was not four business. >> actually, it was for business. the last person that hillary clinton wants to face is donald trump. reportedly suggesting his emigration stance is not as ironclad as he publicly said. the game continued when rubio claimed that trump defrauded students that trump university. >> you know what they got at these courses, stuff that you can pull off of the low.
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the fray. >> i will win ohio. this was hardly a night for stability. >> donald, please, i know that it is hard. brief. brief. brief. you can do it. i know that it is hard. >> despite all of the fighting an end calling, each candidate promised not to launch a run. even if the nominee is named donald j trump. wow. back to you. robert moses. thank you for that. now to the democratic side.
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address. the democrats focus on manufacturing jobs and trade policies. contest a week later. bernie sanders. his efforts to win. all trade heels. saying they have heard about the workers. adopted during the clinton administration. a battle against hillary clinton. juliet: the nypd released new video. robbing a 91-year-old woman. police say this man choked her and her home on ninth street.
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police believe he may have vista with dan dropped a 71-year-old woman last month. can you imagine going after a 91-year-old woman. please help. look at the sky. >> already. another big story this morning. a rail strike without a way to get to work. you have to remember, this strike that happened next weekend. >> it would cause so many headaches for commuters that do not depend on trains. teresa priolo is in his london new jersey. good morning. >> thank you for bringing that up. this will affect everyone. it is because of what this
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alive on it on a fairly basis. a national mediation board. the unions that represent these rail workers coming together for the third time to try to hammer out a deal. >> oh, my god. >> the panic is really starting to set in. con march 13, these folks may not have an easy ride to work if >> they do not run very frequently on my line. getting to work just would not be fun. >> this would be the opposite of fun.
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the capacities that our braille service applies to our customers. rail service will be greatly reduced. the buses will pick up some of the slack. nj transit will rely on these five park and ride locations and provide a bus terminal. other buses will take you to the faerie. if you drive to work, you will be impact it, to. add that to the congestion that already exists at the lincoln and holland tunnels. >> it is really an inconvenience. for budgeting a lot more time for your commute.
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some people, this could add an metroparks. a home anyway. it will just turn into a circus. that is the latest. back to both of you in the studio. juliet: 6:13 a.m. let's take a break. mike: you only have a few slick spots. it make it real slick. light snow in the area. it will be coming to a close by about noon or so. there is a live if radar.
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mike: welcome back. we just got some light snow. we have some light snow coming at you this morning. a cumulation of a coding to an inch. both sun and clouds. not a big deal. then we will be ready for a warm-up. here is what we see on the radar. pretty much melting on contact. you can see that in just a second. down to the south, that is where the heavier snow is. the peninsula area. that is where it gets messy. northeast wind. coastal low, basically. getting to the northern fringe of that storm.
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precipitation. still some minor accumulation. you make it a little more accumulation there. that storm is heading out to see. days. coming through on sunday. it is right there. bringing us a very small chance of snow. high temperatures this afternoon goes up to 38. i have one untruth a high of 41 tomorrow. let's get over to our ines rosales. >> it has been a busy friday morning. a lot going on.
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let's go to our cameras over on remote five. this is the manhattan bridge as you headed eastbound. westbound traffic moving okay. there is an accident shutting that down. in the meantime, that car fire is backing things up on the manhattan bridge. let's go back to our maps. speed restrictions are up. garden state parkway. new york state line. just cleared away an accident on the northern state parkway. a serious accident southbound. causing delays. there is also a crash. let's go to the verrazano bridge.
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construction going on there. bender j, back to you. ben: messy morning. >> a construction worker found a knife. at the home of -- former home of o.j. simpson. ben: kiri drew is here with more on this story. reporter: currently being tested by the lapd. reporting that this was found several years ago by a construction worker. instead of turning in that weapon -- apparently that --
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turned it over. >> they are doing all sorts of testing. for hair and various other fingerprints and things like that. looking for some kind of dna. there is some evidence that there may be plugged on this knife. somewhere a knife access. somewhere it was the weapon used to murder the girlfriend. that knife is somewhere in this world. >> as for exactly when this knife was found, that remains unclear. o'jays property was demolished. here's the thing. even if something did turn up,
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because of the double jeopardy rule. police in los angeles will continue investigating. we do not hold the answers right now. ben: all right. thank you. still to come. more proof that the airports in this area are the worst in the nation. we will be right back. you can't predict but through good times and bad... ...we've helped stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price.
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ben: we are back now. 6:25 a.m. president obama will stay in washington, d.c. after he finishes his second term. his daughter sasha can stay in high school there. the president may the remarks during a visit to milwaukee. timetable. when he leaves office next january, she will have a year and a half left. he made some common thing he does not want to spend the rest of his life in washington. juliet: what part of the seed will they live? buy or rent? ben: a lot of up-and-coming
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you never know. the first president to stay in washington after his term ends since woodrow wilson. the only president to actually be buried in the district of columbia. juliet: sorry. [laughter] making faces. anyway, speaking of making faces, you like flying the airports in this area, you are crazy. found that jfk, laguardia and newark all fell to the bottom of the list in terms of on-time arrivals. our airports took up three of the bottom four spot. laguardia was the worst of all.
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the subway sandwich shop. fresh is what we do. juliet: rewriting history. we have some light snow in our area this morning. i was not paying attention. i am sorry. i was looking through the stories. we are having some problems on the roads today. she is getting bbi. ben: evil i. juliet: what is happening after this weekend. ben: last night's debate was not
6:31 am
risk a rhetoric. juliet: get their nuclear missiles ready. a decision by the u.s. military counsel. ben: the rise of slashings and stabbings. violent criminals are turning to a different weapon. juliet: so, hello. ben: friday morning. juliet: and a lot of action going on. a video that is going to be posted. mike: for you all to judge. juliet: where you see him physically attacked me. mike: let's get you up and running.
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partly cloudy skies. high temperature going up to 41. a morning shower is possible. that is what we have coming through. there will be some slushy spots out there. some places could get up to an inch. that is where your snow totals would pile up a little bit. it is 30 on a central park. we will see wind coming in around five-10 miles an hour. it takes a little while. area of low pressure will keep things going. it is only slushy slick spots. high temperature up to 38 degrees today. tomorrow we make it up to 41. forty-three is your high on sunday. let's get over to ines.
6:33 am
ines: whatever it is, do have a lot of problems this morning. street cleaning rules have been suspended because of the snow. this is westchester 5100 p. heavy delays. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the staten island expressway. traffic jam heading towards the verrazano. icy conditions. the lower level because of construction. let's go to our cameras. show you the george washington bridge. a 45 minute delay approaching the toll plaza. forty-five minutes on the lower level. sixty minutes on the upper. that is a lot for 6:00 o'clock in the morning. the manhattan bridge. there is a car fire. all lanes are still closed.
6:34 am
you can see no traffic getting through. the lower level, that was close manhattan bound. use of brooklyn bridge over the williamsburg bridge as an alternate. ben: 6:34 a.m. a singing rebuke of that romney. and it with a fiery debate in detroit. juliet: robert moses. >> reporter: just another quiet day in politics. i, unfortunately, have nothing to tell you. the 11th republican debate, as we speak. this was the most shocking of all. the night started with donald trump responding to those comments from that romney.
6:35 am
failure that should have beat in obama. ted cruz and rubio, everything from the workers he hired to his immigration stance. trump played what i called a debate welcome all. this was the first time that trump and anchor megan kelly met on a debate stage since they famously clashed back in august. some say to fraud did his students. >> this is what the court of appeals found. the plans alike the madoff victims. this is what the court of appeals said. victims of con artists often sing the praises of -- >> let's see what happens in court.
6:36 am
very easy to have settled. let's see what happens in a couple years after it is settled. four work it is becoming in the greatest issue on the campaign trail. an important moment. each candidate to support the eventual nominee. each candidate vowed not to about an independent run. there was a speculation that someone may do that. each agreed that they would support the nominee. even if that is trump. >> that is pretty interesting. >> there was a bit of holding. they said that they would. juliet: thank you very much, robert. the 2012 republican nominee is
6:37 am
office. a danger to both the party and the nation. here he is. >> let me put it very plainly. if we choose donald trump, the prospect for a safe and prosperous future is greatly diminished. >> ipaq may romney. you can see how loyal he has. endorsement. he was begging. ben: brownlee also had some choice words for hillary clinton. calling the democratic front runner untrustworthy and dishonest. juliet: chris christie taking a pot of heat recently. endorsing donald trump. that recent appearance, yeah.
6:38 am
faces, essentially did. >> i was not being held hostage. i was quoting the person i believe is the best person to beat hillary clinton of the remaining republican candidates. ben: christie says he has not urged as a third-party candidate. juliet: fox means business. ben: joining us now is lauren simonetti. a rough start to 2016. >> tgif. a loving march. take a look at the doubt. less than 60 points away. yes, we are down for the year.
6:39 am
things are looking good. of three weeks in a row. that is positive; right? right now, we have futures in a holding pattern. we have the jobs report. we are expecting the government to say 190,000 jobs were added in february. those wages start to go up. the market is doing a little bit better yet it looks like we are starting this march in the same way. juliet: all right. we like that. keep that trend going. have a beautiful weekend. ben: you can catch lauren on the fox business network. you can go to fox / channel finder. juliet: north korea's leader has told his military to get their nuclear missiles ready.
6:40 am
moments notice. after they hit north korea with a new round of sanctions. juliet: all right. ben: snow falling out there this morning. juliet: talking to nicole out there in southhampton. she showed me a picture. a little dusting. the roads are a lot less traveled out there. the surfaces will have a little slickness to it. that is about it. some very minor accumulations. and inch or less. over the weekend, chilly temperatures both saturday and sunday. i do not think that that will amount to much. it gets warm as we head into next week.
6:41 am
we have 60-degree temperatures. let's bring in ines. okay. what is up out there on this commute? ines: a lot of accidents. it has been a rough one. approaching 287. you can see the lace go back to 222. issues with the gwb. there was a stall. forty-five at the lower. lincoln tunnel. forty-five minutes. as far as the trains, those are doing fine. everything running on or close to schedule. ben: we have the latest entertainment news. juliet: a take on justin the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed
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>> friday morning. march 4. a crazy thursday night. they criticized her for the workers he hires. his financial donations. hillary clinton's campaign back
6:45 am
they will support him if he is the republican nomination. juliet: the new jersey transit is getting ready. only accommodating 40000 people. what will happen to the rest of these folks? maybe try to work at home. who knows. everyone should be prepared. o.j. simpson. o.j. simpson recently turned over to police. his friend ron goldman. acquitted of the murders in 1994. >> thank you. some scary moments for straphangers riding the q train
6:46 am
a man with a knife menacing passengers. he started waving his arms and resisting arrest. luckily, no one was hurt. >> three years ago for jumping a turnstile. >> speaking of yesterday, unbelievably putting a positive spin on a positive edge. horrible disfigurement. the nypd has done a great job of bringing down crime altogether. >> i am not a criminologist. guns are being taken off the street in an unprecedented way.
6:47 am
a different direction. ben: catching people is key to getting weapons off the streets. >> $4 billion a decade of delays. commuters can pass through the new world trade center transportation hub. a couple of subway line. designed to resemble a virgin flight. people from all over the world were there yesterday afternoon. >> the transit of us in new york city. >> it is beautiful. >> the hub should be connect to it. >> brandi chastain is the latest athlete to donate their brains to science.
6:48 am
heard that, scientists can learn more about the brain disorder. she has suffered two concussions , but suffered no lasting effects. some time she walks into a room and forgets why she is there. >> let's take a look at sports now. juliet: second. score is zero-zero. he knocks over the net. giving him two minutes. the rangers and up losing. >> the devils not ready to give up on their playoff hopes just yet. getting the loose puck. devils when it five-four. the islanders.
6:49 am
that will win the game. [laughter] >> i am guessing. >> new england patriots quarterback tom brady could be facing -- not out of the woods yet. they were supposed to give 15 minutes each. they ripped union arguments. one judge said that there was compelling, if not overwhelming evidence. tampering during the 2015th championship game. a decision could take weeks, or months.
6:50 am
let's get over to mike woods. >> is has been friday. tgif, everyone. it is not a big one. the central and southern sections of new jersey's. that is where you will see some actual accumulation. maybe a little bit more as you head into the central sections. the wind coming in from the northeast. that area of low pressure closer to us. the area of low pressure is well two hours south. temperatures are just in that range. the snow lion is well two hours south. for the most part, melting on contact. and inch of snow for the
6:51 am
even that is not a big deal. forty-five trails open. still hanging on as we head towards the spring season. spawning snow showers for you. high temperature gets up to 48 degrees. tonight, we will have clear skies and a cold one. it will be wet around parts of the tri-state. high of 41 for you tomorrow. morning snow showers are coming at you then. look at that high temperature. sixtys for several days in a row. the live interactive radar. that is a itunes and google place to work.
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juliet: street cleaning rules rules have been suspended because of the snow. i see conditions. you have construction going on.
6:55 am
hudson river crossings. a 90 minute delay on the upper level. a stall earlier. forty-five inbound. let's go to our cameras. it is really jammed up. give yourself extra time. juliet: thank you, ines. susan sarandon is getting political. she told the reporter that she supports bernie sanders. speaking up. especially women. they do not want to get shamed. sanders is the best candidate to defeat donald trump. magic.
6:56 am
juliet: i really love him. reading. brought to us by the people from vanity fair. >> my mother did not like you. she likes everyone. wrong. i have been so caught up in my job. did not see what was going on, but now i know. juliet: i like his looks. ben: his voice is probably the most captivated voice. i like alec baldwin's voice. apparently, the beads is a fan. he re- tweeted this video. >> speaking the same words that were spoken. that is it for us on a friday
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>> my family members. i would like to point it out. juliet: have a great friday everyone. we will see you back monday
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the day after the big ebay. rosanna: things i thought i would never here during a debate. greg: it got raunchy. rosanna: snow coming down. depends on where you live how much snow you will get today. mike woods is telling things out for us. mike woods has all the details coming up. >> i am talking. >> hold on. hold on. ben: one of the lighter moments of the night. i am so glad he told me what the big hands thing means. watch this. >> he refers to my hands. something else must be small. i guarantee you there is no problem.


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